Preferred Reports is a nationwide supplier of personal and commercial lines loss control and insurance inspection services to carriers, syndicates, MGA’s, MGU’s, RRG’s and Associations. We deliver these services through a national network of qualified independent Loss Control consultants and Quality Assurance reviewers. Our corporate operations support the independent network with access to systems and professional help to complete their assignments timely and accurately.


Preferred Reports utilizes a web-based system of programmed, customized templates to identify data your underwriters are seeking. That captured data provides individual customer characteristics that when viewed as an aggregate of data, reveals characteristics in your book as a whole. It is a valuable tool to see what aspects of your book are driving losses at a deeper level than simple perils. We can offer proven generic forms as a base to further customize templates to your specific needs or use your tried and true Word Doc forms.

Our web-based system is open to your designated personnel with 24 hr. access so that you can order an assignment, attach documents, leave notes, track the progress of any of your assignments and obtain data in various export formats.

Within our operation are layers of experienced management to intake assignments; assign to the right field inspector; push the assignment to a productive conclusion (30 days or less); review the completed report for accuracy and client guidelines; push out a confirmation/recommendation letter in a management process consistent with client service level selected and bill the account.

You will have access to senior management at the highest level and a designated Account Manager to get your questions answered quickly. A Product Manager will train consultants on specific guidelines for your account and work with your Account Manager to make sure the account runs smoothly.

We can service your account on a flat fee cost, time and expense or combination of both. Billing is generated at the beginning of each month based upon assignment completion dates in the prior month.

Let our experience in catering loss control solutions to general and niche underwriting programs work for your needs.

Preferred's Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy - give our clients what they want, when they want, how they want it. Period.

We take a customized approach to data collection.  Gone are the days of buying off the shelf reports. In this world of big data and predictive analytics, collecting what you want, how you want is not just convenient, it’s critical.

We understand the challenge data integration presents and work with clients to craft specific solutions to their unique risk control needs. Your data is always accessible and ready for use.