Preferred Reports offers a large portfolio of inspections. Our sampling below has some of our most popular inspections. We have inspected just about every insurable risk and our team of experienced consultants can visit insureds anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to see how Preferred can provide a customized solution for your loss control needs.

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Property and general liability

Property surveys make up the majority of all insurance inspections. They are generally done in conjunction with General Liability as both coverage lines are included in either a Basic Package or more comprehensive General Report inspection. Property can also be evaluated in a standalone Monoline Property inspection.

At the heart of all property inspections is the documentation of COPE information. COPE stands for Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure. Our templates program questions to follow the elements of COPE so nothing gets missed and everything falls in a logical order for the agent or underwriter to perform their jobs.

In addition to COPE, our property surveys can include replacement cost, actual cash value, or functional value estimates using one of several available systems. We can compare policy information with physical findings in our special Consistency Check section. Diagrams are always available as are special high resolution oblique aerial photos.

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workers compensation

Preferred Reports completes workers compensation inspections in several ways including a telephone inspection, as part of a package, and as a standalone monoline report.

Our telephone inspection is an excellent choice in situations when either a physical inspection is cost prohibitive in relation to premium or has proven effective in specific uses.

The package inspection is one that includes WC and any or all of property, GL (completed ops/premises) and commercial auto coverage exposures. A monline inspection just focuses on the workers compensation exposures.

We have additional loss control services outside of the typical inspection that can include development of full safety programs, implementation of portions of safety programs, direct training and studies for noise and ergonomics to name a few.


restaurant & Bar-liquor liability

Restaurants encompass everything from the smallest of fast food joints to the largest of themed restaurants with entertainment and valet parking operations. The majority of surveys on restaurants are focused upon Property and General Liability but can easily involve additional lines of Workers Comp, Commercial Auto (deliveries) and Garage Keepers liability. It is also not uncommon for restaurants to appear in ground floor habitational surveys with apartments above and other retail operations adjacent.

The key to a good survey involves evaluation of the commercial cook line; followed by safe handling of food intended for consumption and slip/trip/fall hazards. We will deliver all relevant data on the cookline with strong recommendations regarding maintenance and inspections on fire extinguisher, hoods/exhausts and electrical/gas services. The food handling and storage of dry and refrigerated goods is evaluated, and public areas are inspected for surface condition, change in height, proper lighting and parking area conditions.

Bars are interesting venues as their customers and activities seem to change throughout the course of a day. To account for these differences we offer either a day or night inspection or both combined.

The day inspection covers facilities and external areas controlled by the bar that we can inspect, photograph and evaluate the exposures in daylight. We can discuss the operations and see paperwork on extinguishers, hoods and sprinklers.

The night time inspections occur after 9:00 PM and provide a look into the bar operations from a patron’s point of view. Like a mystery shopper, these night visits allow our consultants to see if the polices discussed during the day are actually followed at night. By pairing day and night inspections, the underwriter gets a better feel of the true nature of the risk and resemblance to the operation described in the application for coverage.



Hotel/motel / Habitational

Hotel and Motel surveys focus on exposures involving short term or even overnight stays by people not familiar with the property. These risks can have restaurant exposures, higher security concerns, commercial laundry facilities, daily cleaning activities, possible infestation issues, increased common areas and sometimes different neighborhood exposures.

These inspections are normally package surveys with both Property and GL components. Our templates are designed to document the COPE information with special emphasis on fire protection. Let our experience in surveying Hotel and Motel properties save you time by getting the right information at the right time of your process.


homeowners association
condo association/master associations

Apartments and Condo Complexes have the characteristic of long-term occupation that make them different from hotels and vacation rentals. We construct our templates to report on those conditions exposing our clients to large property and casualty losses. Whether it’s grills on balconies or reporting on the safety of pools and sports courts, we can provide a comprehensive report to address your underwriting needs.



Virtual/Phone Inspections

Telephone and Virtual surveys are cost effective alternatives to traditional physical inspection, and can deliver critical information more efficiently. Our surveys combine the strength of our professional consultants with the power of a report designed to gather honest responses from the policyholder. Our virtual survey is part phone and part web based where our consultants use the internet and other sources to gather key data on the operations, exposures, and controls of the insured. Our search can include social media, public opinion, and any other number of data-points.



Preferred Reports is experienced in performing Commercial Auto and Fleet Trucking inspections for carriers, syndicates and program MGAs.

Commercial Auto (CA) inspections are generally done as part of a package when the coverage is intended primarily for company owned vehicles and lighter commercial delivery operations. Mono-line inspections are usually utilized for fleet trucking operations. Our goal is to account for all owned, leased, non-owned, owner-operator and rented vehicles and address a variety of details including loss information and overall operations.

We have consultants who are specialized in trucking operations and speak the language of insureds and retail agents. We can cover a contractor with two work trucks to a long-haul fleet trucking company with hundreds of units. Together with a thorough programmed template customized to your underwriting needs, we can deliver a concise report within a 30-day completion span from assignment.